ZIPHOME is a quality brand embodying house standards with the following properties:

- Attractive design and functional disposition
- Low energy or passive houses
- Houses providing comfort, peace and a sense of security
- Houses with a pleasant and healthy indoor climate all throughout the year
- Houses with permanent and plentiful amounts of fresh air and no odors, excessive moisture and pollutants
- High-quality top-notch houses with excellent workmanship
- Houses that guarantee the preservation of investments in the future
- Houses constructed using the ZIP HOME building system
- Houses for a good (fair) price

The ZIPHOME brand is a guarantee of pleasant, healthy, ecological, comfortable, economical and energy-efficient houses. They meet the requirements for attractive appearance and functional internal layout. The ZIPHOME houses are a guarantee of high quality projects, workmanship and construction. Energy efficiency is maintained even in the basic version. What ZIPHOME provides as standard is in many cases provided as above standard.

The ZIPHOME houses guarantee a pleasant indoor climate with plenty of clean fresh air. This is provided by regular exchange of indoor air in the house. Air conditioning also provides filtration, which strips the incoming air of any impurities and pollutants. By extending the basic configuration, the air conditioning can also moisten, heat up or cool down the air, or kill the bacteria using UV radiation.

By providing forced regular exchange of air in the house, the interior environment can remain fresh all year round without draft or temperature fluctuations as is the case with ventilation through open windows or construction leaks. The regular exchange of air in the house will always provide a pleasant living environment with no odors, moisture or other disturbances caused by the lack of fresh air.

Safety, usability, stability, fire resistance, durability and reliability are the top categories when designing our houses. Each structure is designed and implemented in a way to guarantee the required durability and reliability. Thanks to the ZIPHOME building system, the building reliability remains very high. The ZIPHOME houses also provide space for your individual requirements. These are usually implemented into the project in the design stage.

The ZIPHOME building system has many variants to meet the requirements of individual clients during construction.

The ZIPHOME houses also represent the 'smart house' concept. Ventilation, heating, lighting and shading control, security systems, camera systems, TV, audio and other amenities are all an option in the individual configuration. The client can determine the degree of automation. The ZIPHOME houses provide the degree of comfort you require.